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Training: Application of the
Low-level laser therapy
Training: Application of the
Low-level laser therapy


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High quality standards for the products, study-based therapy procedures and a coherent training offer for the user are always top priority for HELBO. HELBO Medizintechnik is your ideal partner.
Institut für Sporttherapie
Institute for Sports Therapy Catfish / Linz
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Due to its mode of action and wide range of possible uses, laser therapy is an important piece of the mosaic in the treatment repertoire of the Institute for Sports Therapy Linz and Wels, as well as in top-class sports care. When looking after the Austrian Snowboard national teams, the HELBO Laser has been a loyal and reliable companion for therapists for 17 years now.
Physiotherapie Langmair
Physiotherapy LangmairLinz
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For over 25 years, we have valued, in addition to the excellent clinical results, the simple, uncomplicated device handling and the HELBO support.
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We have been using the HELBO laser for LLLT in all areas of therapy for over 20 years. The successes of this treatment option are quickly apparent, especially in the area of wound treatment.
Massagefachinstitut Kraml
Massage Institute KramlWeisskirchen
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The advantage of this method is that it is completely painless and can therefore also be used very well with children and young people.
Tierarztpraxis Muxender
Muxender Veterinary PracticePregarden
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In veterinary medicine, laser application is a good and scientifically sound option as an accompanying measure to conventional medicine. Above all, the complete painlessness of this treatment method is very beneficial for animals and pet owners and can also be used without any problems for anxious patients.
Die Wundmanagerin
The wound managerVienna
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For home care, it was important to me to use a device that was handy, space-saving and easy to use. The HELBO mini laser serves me as an effective extra in the care of acute and chronic wound healing disorders.
Hebammenpraxis „Von Anfang an…“
Midwifery practice “From the beginning…” Dresden
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Especially in the area of wound treatment (chest and birth injuries), laser therapy is an effective aid with rapid pain reduction and visible, rapid healing.

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Application of low-level laser therapy

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